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SEPPE Brown Fused Alumina For Grinding Wheel

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SEPPE Brown Fused Alumina Main Applications:

Bonded abrasives : resin boned abrasives cut off wheel ,ceramic grind wheel, Grinding stone, grinding wheel ,Grinding block polish wax

Coated abrasives : sand paper, sand belt ,sand cloth ,sander disc flap disc.

Refractory material: Mainly used for abrasion and high temperature resistance, in oxide aggregate and filling of shaped and monolithic refractory in steel metallurgy, various industrial stoves, electric furnace etc.

Sandblasting abrasive: It is mainly used for various material work pieces to decontaminate, prevent corrosion, remove oxide skin, light-decorate, process pattern effect and so on.

Abrasion resistance ground : It is mainly used for nonslip of airport and road, chemical factory board paving and surface decorated material of dam.

Precision casting: casting technology of stainless steel and aluminum casting in coating.

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