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SEPPE Brown Fused Alumina Will Be Send To Canada

Views: 110     Author: Bella     Publish Time: 2018-06-25      Origin: SEPPE Technologies

We are loading brown fused alumina 36# in our plant. It will be shipping to Canada client soon from Xingang port China. 

Brown fused alumina  is a tough, sharp abrasives which is highly suitable for grinding metals of high tensile strength. Its thermal properties make it an excellent material for use in the manufacture of refractory products. This material is also used in other applications like blasting and surface hardening.

Brown Fused Alumina is utilised within the refractory industry for the manufacture of high alumina fired and monolithic refractory products like bricks, pre-cast shapes and also foundry applications, where the addition of Brown Fused Alumina helps to obtain a smooth surface finish in investment castings.

Within the abrasive industry Brown Fused Alumina is a valuable addition to products like abrasive papers and in shot blasting applications.


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