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SEPPE Brown Fused Aluminum For Bonded Abrasive

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Brown Fused Alumina is the most important artificial corundum in industry minerals widely used in bonded abrasive  grains is a matrix of closed size abrasive grains pressed or mounded together with the help of vitrified, resinoid or rubber bonding material into a variety of shapes, like grinding wheel, honing stone etc. The matrix is fired at high temperature to provide a high strength bonding between the abrasive grains.

SEPPE abrasive grains are blocky sharp edges with low iron and silica content. Its high toughness & hardness (Mohs Hardness 9), excellent abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance properties combined with cooler cutting characteristics, appropriate friability, multi-fracturing properties exposing sharp edges and self sharpening characteristics makes it an ideal raw material for the manufacturing of bonded abrasive for all applications.


Typical Applications of brown fused alumina:

l Ball grinding & ball lapping wheel

l Rice polishing wheel

l Gear grinding wheel

l Cam grinding wheel

l Crankshaft grinding wheel

l Valve components grinding

l Internal grinding wheel

l Thin wheel

l Tool room grinding wheel

l Roll grinding wheel

l Mounted pins

l Centreless grinding wheel

l Razor blade

l Flute grinding

l Bearing grinding wheel

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