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SEPPE Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide as Sandblasting Media

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Sandblasting is the process of propelling abrasives grits onto work pieces like metal parts, wood, ceramic etc to cut, polish. It achieve work including removing dust, scratch, corrosion, oxidation etc and forming shiny or certain surface preparation.  Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide powder or grits are ideal material for sandblasting media.

Advantages of Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide for Sandblasting.

1, Hard material suitable for cutting (mohs hardness 9).

2, Dense material for durable work.

3, High strength for cutting and polishing durably.

4, Heat resistant.

5, Sharp edges ideal for removal of scratches, corrosion etc.

6, Reused for 8-20 times depending on different conditions.

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