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SEPPE Cenospheres In Paints And Coatings

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Due to the high requirements for the characteristics of modern building materials, various types of coatings such as fire prevention, corrosion prevention, waterproof and moisture-proof, and insulation have now been applied in many fields.

There are a great many uses for cenospheres in the paint and industrial coating industry, due to the additional qualities they provide. For example, cenospheres are often used in coatings to control infrared radiation, giving those coatings an advantage over ones that merely attempt to limit thermal conductivity.

The cenosphere in the production of coatings is the creation of “warm” colors with low thermal conductivity as provided by the respective properties of cenospheres.

Meanwhile, cenospheres can improve the quality of the paint by improving the volume and density of the product. After application on the wall, the ceramic beads tend to shrink thereby creating a tightly packed film on the wall.

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