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SEPPE Garnet For Water filtration

Views: 93     Author: Bella      Publish Time: 2018-06-30      Origin: SEPPE Technologies

SEPPE garnet is a high hardness, high density granular filter media. It has a high specific gravity as well as its chemical and abrasive resistance makes garnet an ideal filter media.Small garnet particles are used to fill a container through which a liquid flows. The pore spaces of the garnet are small enough to allow passage of the liquid but are too small to allow passage of some contaminant particles, which are filtered from the flow. Garnet granules, crushed and graded to about 0.3 millimeters in size, can be used to filter out contaminant particles as small as a few microns in diameter. Garnet's high specific gravity and high hardness reduce bed expansion and particle abrasion during back flushing.

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