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SEPPE Mullite Sand

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Mullite  sand is a rare silicate mineral. Mullite sand  is made by kaolin through high heat sintering. Mullite sand origin in mainly distributed in the zhangqiu shandong and north of anhui and so on.It can form two stoichiometric forms 3Al2O3 2SiO2 or 2Al2O3 SiO2.It is produced during various melting and firing processes, and is used as a refractory material,due to its high melting point of 1750°C.

Physical index

Density≥2.5g/cm3, Proportion >2.6g/cm3,Water content < 0.03%,

Refractoriness≥1750℃,Heat decrement≤0.3-0.4%,Dust≤0.01-0.03%,PH 7-9,

hardness >8.0Mpa.


Pouring casting, Easy to shell, Ametabolic, not easy to reduced scale, bright andclean, high yield.


Mullite is the ideal material used in the industry such as metallurgy, ceramics, construction materials, chemicals, electricity and foundry.

In the current,SEPPE can provide mullite with different grades and sizes according to the needs of the customers.

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