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SEPPE Proppants For Hydraulic Fracturing

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Proppant is a gritty material with uniformly sized particles that is mixed in with fracturing fluid during the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process to hold open fractures made in the ground. Proppants come in a variety of different sizes and spherical shapes for a variety of different situations.Fracturing Sand

Recently, demand for proppants has increased as oil and natural gas wells are being made to yield more oil and gas using hydraulic fracturing. One job can require a few thousand tons of this proppant material.

There are several different types of materials used as proppant. There are several different types of materials used as proppant. The first of these types is known as frac sand, and is simply a high-purity quartz sand with durable, round grains. As a result of its strength it is crush-resistant, and thus is effective as propping open cracks made in the ground during the hydraulic fracturing process.

Along with this, coating the sand in resin increases its strength, making it more desirable as a proppant. Finally, ceramic proppants are the most uniform in shape and the strongest of the proppants as their manufacturing is entirely controlled. The uniform shape of this type of proppant ensures that there is more space for the oil and gas to flow through the proppant material and out of the well.

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