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SEPPE Takes Part in Firefighting Activities

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"Prevention first, life first". This is the theme of 2023 Fire Day.

On November 8, 2023, Xinghai Center held a fire propaganda speech. SEPPE actively participated in the publicity activities in order to cooperate with theme of 2023 Fire Day and improve the safety awareness of our employees.

"Fire Publicity Day" refers to: focusing on a period of time to carry out a wide range of fire safety publicity activities, in order to raise the awareness of fire safety of the whole people and promote the process of socialization of fire control work. The national fire safety publicity and education is to carry out fire safety awareness for every member of society and all citizens. 

Through the activities of fire prevention publicity month, the people's awareness of fire prevention safety will be enhanced, and the purpose of "everyone participates in firefighting, everyone knows about fire prevention and everyone cares about fire safety" will be achieved, thus creating a good fire prevention safety environment for building a harmonious society. 

Fire safety knowledge can be corrected through study or education, so that their own safety awareness can be improved. People's safety awareness is enhanced and their knowledge is enriched, which can reduce the occurrence of disasters.


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