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SEPPE Ultra-lightweight Proppant

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Ultra-lightweight proppant is preferred in some applications since it reduces proppant settling, requires low fluid viscosity to transport and allows for increased propped length. Shale reservoirs are often fractured with low viscosity slickwater which generates long fractures and causes minimal formation damage compared to crosslinked fluids. Due to the low viscosity of the slickwater, a high density proppant cannot be carried efficiently. As such, very high pumping rates are employed to transport the proppant into the fracture by velocity rather than the fluid viscosity and elasticity. Alternatively, a proppant with lower density can be more useful in situations where high pump rates or carrier fluids with low viscosities are needed.

Advantages Relative to Conventional Proppants:

Lightest proppant on the market for far field, partial monolayer and gravel pack applications

Allows use of slickwater carrier fluids to minimize reservoir damage

Will not crush, chip, break or otherwise generate significant migrating fines like other proppants

Perfectly smooth and spherical

Non-abrasive and will not damage tubing or surface equipment during use

Manifests excellent dissipation of static electricity, facilitating ease in handling

No sticky resin coatings to impede your equipment

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