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SEPPE ceramic sand used for foundry and casting

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SEPPE Ceramic Sand Used for Foundry and Casting:

1. Artificial bauxite sand has small thermal expansion coefficient, good performance as zircon sand;

2. Spherical appearance with good liquidity and better ventilation;

3. Smooth surface with compact structure, uniformly covered of adhesive;

4. It is a neutral materials that can be used with acids, bases or binders;

5. Price is only 25-50% of chromite sand and zircon sand. Meanwhile, sand is spherical with small surface area, so the added amount of the resin can be reduced by 30-50% and the added amount of sodium silicate can be 4%; and reducing casting defects caused by the binder and improving the output of castings;

7. High refractoriness, easy collapsing;

8. The fire resistance of mullite in the bauxite sand is much better than other sintered products;

9. Good thermal conductivity and stability without cracks;

10. Wide applications. Used for polishing and cleaning of resin sand, sodium silicate sand, clay sand, EPC, investment casting, copper and aluminum.

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