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SEPPE waterjet cutting garnet abrasives

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  • Garnet media can be used in all types of waterjet cutting machines

  • Allows uninterrupted production without downtime for optimum efficiency and low production costs

  • Provides the perfect balance between cutting speed and edge quality

  • High quality alluvial garnet does not contain any fracture lines that can weaken the grain

  • Equipment wear and tear are reduced resulting in longer service life


  • Natural hardness

  • Durable

  • Low friability

  • Cost effective alternative to silica sand, mineral slags, steel grit and shot

  • Free of metallic iron

Abrasive characteristics of grain size, density and hardness result in low abrasive consumption at the highest production rates

Recyclable up to 5-10 times, depending on the application

Suitable for multiple surface preparations including:

  • Stainless Steel

  • Anti-magnetic steel

  • Specialty alloys

Fine grade Garnet blast media available for aluminum, turbine blades, fiberglass and other unique surfaces.

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