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SEPROP 40/70 Loading

Views: 120     Author: Bella      Publish Time: 2019-01-17      Origin: SEPPE Technologies

Today, We are loading high strength proppant 40/70 in our plant. The proppant will be shipping to Middle East client soon from Xingang port China.

SEPPE Ceramic Proppants are widely used in the construction of deep well fracturing. Ceramic Proppants are high strength proppants that allow effective hydraulic fracturing under the hostile conditions. 

Oilfield service companies fracture a well involving pumpinre spherical ceramic beads made of natural bauxite materials. Proppants are fired at very high temperatures enabling them to maintain their integrity under high temperature and closure stress.g a fracturing fluid containing proppant into a well and into an oil or gas reservoir generally using high rate and pressure. Pumping continues until fractures are initiated and desired fracture geometry is achieved. The proppants, which are suspended in the fracturing fluid, are injected into the fractures in the rock to prop these fractures open after the fracture fluid is recovered. The resulting proppant pack provides a highly conductive pathway for fluids to flow from the reservoir into the wellbore. With these Ceramic Proppants, the conductivity of oil and gas can be highly improved.


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