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Selecting the right waterjet abrasive from SEPPE

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  Selecting the right abrasive type and size for a waterjet cutting application can make a significant difference in the performance and profitability of equipment.

Abrasive selection begins with an examination of the material and the cutting specifications. The difficulty involved in cutting the material and the desired surface finish help the fabricator to determine the proper abrasive to use. The abrasive product needs to have hardness, density, toughness, and a particular shape. Additionally, the industry has to develop sources that can produce abrasives with high purity, tight particle size distributions, and a high degree of cleanliness.

  Virtually every abrasive known to man—both natural and synthetic—has been considered for use as an abrasive in waterjet cutting.

  SEPPE garnet has emerged as a mineral with the best characteristics for waterjet cutting. Other minerals may be harder, heavier, or lower in cost, but SEPPE garnet emerges as the one material with the best combination of characteristics for abrasive waterjet cutting. The naturally occurring material is mined and processed for numerous industrial applications in addition to waterjet cutting, such as sandblasting media and water filtration granules. 

   Finding the Right Abrasive Source

Choosing the right supply partner is an important action for a metal fabricator. A waterjet manufacturer or the abrasive supplier can assist the business to determine the right abrasive type and grade. This results in an abrasive selection that will maximize the performance of the waterjet cutting machine.

The supply partner should be capable of delivering garnet in paper bags, bulk bags, or even in straight bulk. It also helps if the abrasive supplier can ship within 24 hours of receiving an order and has a warehouse nearby for one- to two-day shipping. This ensures timely deliveries and keeps freight costs as low as possible. 

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