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Size Suggestion Of SEPPE Garnet

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Garnet sand 

Garnet sand has different sizes for customers' need. we would bring you cleaner cutting operation, higher cutting efficiency and better edge quality.60mesh ,80 and 120mesh are suit for water jet cutting.

Garnet sand 60 Mesh brings the most powerful cutting performance and speed used when cutting speed is more important than edge quality. Such as cutting thick stainless steel, stone or marble.

Garnet sand 80 Mesh offers fast cutting speed and good edge quality. Use to cut metals,  ceramics and glass.

Garnet sand 120 Mesh offers perfect edge quality and cutting speed. Use to cut steel, aluminum, glass, and other brittle materials 

12/40 MeshUsed in multi-media-water-filtration systems, coating removal
20/40 MeshHeavy-duty coating removal
20/60 MeshFast and efficient removal of existing coatings
30/60 MeshAll types of blasting application
80 MeshWater jet cutting grade
120 Mesh/150MeshPrecision water jet cutting grade

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