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The Advantages Of Low Density Cement With SEPPE Cenospheres

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With the rapid development of the petroleum industry, the demand for oil well cement used in oil and gas well cementing engineering is also constantly increasing. Especially due to the deepening of well depth and poor geological conditions, the demand for low-density oil well cement is even more urgent.

The characteristics of low-density cement prepared with cenospheres:

1. The performance fluctuation of cement slurry is small, and compared with the original slurry, the fluidity is closer, and the thickening time is slightly longer;

2. Cement has high strength, and compared with other types of low-density cement, its compressive strength decreases slightly and its early strength is higher;

3. It has good compatibility with additives and can improve its performance;

4. The modified low-density cement thermal conductivity system is about half of that of ordinary cement; The anti-corrosion effect is better than ordinary cement, with insulation and corrosion resistance;

The advantage of using cenosphere reducing agent is that the density of cement slurry can be reduced to 1.25-1.45g/cm³. The compressive strength is higher than that of low-density cement prepared with liquid reducing agents, and can generally reach over 8MPa within 24 hours; In addition, cenospheres are used as waste and have high economic and social benefits.

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