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The Benefits Of Garnet Abrasive Blasting Media

Views: 109     Author: Bella      Publish Time: 2018-06-28      Origin: SEPPE Technologies


1.Clean – Garnet abrasive produces less dust than other expendable abrasives, making it ideal for use in tanks and other confined spaces.

2.Cost-Effective – Garnet abrasive lasts a long time, and is so effective that lower volumes overall are required for most jobs.

3.Garnet Abrasive is semi reusable and can be re-used several times under correct conditions. It does break down quicker than fully re-usable abrasives such as aluminium oxide.

4.Optimum Surface Profile – garnet abrasive creates a superior surface for adhesion coating.

5.Environmentally Friendly – Garnet is inert and non-toxic, making it safe for use around bodies of water. It is also very easy to clean, whilst its durability reduces the generation of dust.

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