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The Classification Of Brown Fused Alumina

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Brown Fused Alumina, the name is also called Brown corundum.The main chemical composition of brown fused alumina is AL2O3. Because of its good grinding performance, wide application range and low price, so that it is used widely. According to various dimensions / standards, brown fused alumina can be classified many classifications as follows:

According to the chemical composition to distinguish, BFA can be divided into Grade one, grade two and Lower Grade.


The content of Al2O3 in Grade one is more than 95%. It has high hardness, good toughness, high strength and high temperature refractory characteristics, so that it can be widely used in grinding wheel manufacturing, production of refractory materials, emery cloth sandpaper, iron and steel smelting, chemical metallurgy, ceramics, glass, cement and other fields.

Brown Corundum lower grade contains alumina (AL2O3) is about 90%.Its chemical composition is slightly worse, the hardness is slightly lower. But the cost is low, so that it can be used for sandblasting polishing, rust cleaning, grinding cutting, anti slip material, wear-resisting flooring, slippery floors, water treatment and other fields. The alumina (Al2O3) content of the brown fused alumina is about 80%, which belongs to second grade.


If it is distinguished by doing the processing of brown fused alumina, then it can be divided into different degrees of calcination. The calcination is divided into medium temperature calcination and high temperature calcination. For example, after the high temperature calcined brown fused alumina, the chemical composition will be more stable. So that the products made by the calcined are more durable.

Finally, in accordance with the purposes to distinguishing, it can be divided into sections of sand, F sand, P sand and micro powder, etc. Different usages, resulting in different models. For example, brown fused alumina section sand is mainly used for refractory materials. Particle size sand(F sand) is mainly used to do the bonded abrasive tools, such as grinding wheel. P sand is used to do the coated abrasives, such as sandpaper, abrasives belts etc.

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