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The Detailed Description Of The SEPPE Proppant

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Ceramic proppants are ceramic particles which have characteristic of high-intensity.It is an eco-friendly fracturing support agent used in the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas and oil wells.Ceramic proppants are made by ceramic sintering of mixture of quality bauxite, coal and other raw materials.



Thanks to this process called sintering both of the materials have the opportunity to achieve superior strength characteristics that make the whole substance much better.It is able to replace other proppant materials such as quartz sand which is natural, glass balls and metal balls as well.


It is also well known that ceramic proppant can increase output of Oil/Gas by 30% to 50%,and is also a great help when it comes to extending the lifetime of an oil or gas field.Its capability of increasing oil and natural gas productivity has been widely accepted. Production can be increased by double once companies start to use it.

We can adjust its size and crush rate based on your specific requirements.

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