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The Detailed Of SEPPE Brown Fused Alumina

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Brown fused alumina or brown aluminum oxide is characterized by its high purity, high bulk density, strong self-sharpening, good toughness, ultra-low content of the magnetic materials.

Hardness can be 9 Mohs, and its high temperature resistance can be up to 2350°C.

SEPPE Brown fused alumina is good refractory raw material. Used to be applicator in refractory ceramic ,nozzle, high grade abrasive

Main Application:

Brown aluminum oxide can be made into grinding tools ,brown aluminum oxide is characterized by sharp grinding, low heat generation ratio, high grinding rate and few coating in the using course, and the sintering grinding tools that is characterized by deep blue color after firing, without rust and so on,.

SEPPE Brown Fused Alumina is applicable to make ceramic and resinous high bonded abrasive tools, grinding abrasive and polishing materials, as well as producing the high grade refractory materials.

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