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The Importance Of SEPPE Proppants

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The vast majority of companies currently use proppants such as raw sand, resin and ceramics during hydraulic fracturing. Proppants are crucial during hydraulic fracturing.

Becproppant ause they help keep fractures open and provide permeable conductivity channels back to the well bore.

The industry segregates wells into shallow depth, intermediate depth and deep depth. Sand is typically used in shallow- and intermediate-depth wells. Resin is used in all three depths and ceramic is typically used in intermediate- and deep-depth wells.

Fracturing sands are strong and crush-resistant. The sand particles’ shape is round, when they stay in the fractures and oil and gas can  be allowed better flow to the wellbores.

Sand is the most-used proppant.The most common gradations for raw sand are 16/30 mesh, 20/40 mesh, 30/50 mesh and 40/70 mesh and. The gradation is noted in the mesh size of the sand particles. The gradation is noted in the mesh size of the sand particles. Typically the price is higher for coarser grade of sand.

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