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The Influence Of Bauxite‘s Index on Refractory Coatings

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The Al2O3 content, sintering temperature, and impurities such as TiO2 and FeO3 in bauxite have a significant impact on the coating. Therefore, it is necessary to select ores with high Al2O3 content for 1450-1500 calcination, select clinker grinding, and make them into fine powder. After acid washing treatment, it is also a key step. In addition to high TiO2 and FeO3 content, bauxite without acid washing treatment increases the amount of dust and mechanical iron mixed in the calcination and grinding process.

The prepared coatings are affected by their fire resistance, as well as an increase in floating and sediment substances, which affect their brushability, suspension, and storage time.

The particle size and particle size distribution of bauxite are also important factors affecting the density and permeability of the coating, especially the EPC coating. Whether the pyrolysis products of the foam plastic pattern can be discharged smoothly through the coating during the sintering process, and the permeability of EPC coating is a major feature different from other sand casting coatings.

SEPPE divides the particle size of bauxite into several different specifications according to different needs, which are used in sand casting coatings and lost foam coatings.


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