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The Main Applications Of Cenospheres

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1. As a filling agent in the plastic industry, products have the advantages of large input, low cost, high strength, good heat resistance, and low thermal conductivity.

2. Made of lightweight refractory materials with high strength, long service life, and low thermal conductivity at high temperatures.

3. Produce efficient insulation materials at low prices.

4. Produce functional waterproof coatings.

5. It can achieve good plugging effect in cementing exploration technology.

6. In the metallurgical industry, it is used as a filler for casting and welding workshop partitions, and as a material for sand cores.

7. Adding an appropriate amount of cenospheres into ethylene plastic can make effective noise reduction equipment, reducing noise from 95-100dB to below 90dB, and can also be used for noise reduction coatings.

8. The products such as automobile brake pads, military friction pads and oil rig brake pads are made by using the characteristics of high strength and wear resistance of hollow floating beads, which are characterized by good physical properties, long service life and low production cost.

9. Cenospheres can be used as a cracking catalyst in the petroleum refining process, which can improve gasoline production and quality.

10. As a filling material for artificial marble, cenospheres have produced various colored striped marble, which is a beautiful and lightweight new decorative material.

11. Cenospheres, as fillers for PVC artificial leather, have been used to produce a new type of artificial leather, which has the characteristics of good wear resistance, heat resistance, and low cost.

12. Replacing white carbon black with cenospheres as a rubber filler can greatly enhance the wear resistance of rubber.

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