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The Role of Bauxite in Firebricks

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Firebricks(also called Refractory bricks). It is sort of refractory materials made of refractory clay or other refractory raw materials. The appearance of firebricks is light yellow or brownish. 

It is mainly used for building smelting furnaces. And it can withstand high temperatures from 1,580℃ to 1,770℃.  It has varity of types such as refractory clay brick, high alumina brick, silicon brick, etc. Among them , the high alumina firebricks are the relatively common used.

The quality of high alumina firebricks depends on the cotent of AL2O3 . And the type and quantity of impurities. Also the firebricks can be classified according to the AL2O3 content. It is mostly produced by sintering or calcination method. High alumina firebricks are widely used in iron and steel industry.

SEPPE bauxite products are of excellent quality. It can play a good role as high-temperature building materials for building kilns and various thermal equipment . Customized different particle size according to different customer needs.

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