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The Sandblasting Application Of SEPPE Garnet

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Garnet sand abrasive has features of good hardness. It is used for sandblasting, rust removing and surface treatment in stainless steel, aluminum, glass, stone, wood, rubber, repair, etc. It is widely used in aluminum profile, copper profile, precision molds, and many other fields.

Garnet sand blasting abrasive has features of good color, high hardness, long lifetime, high grinding efficiency, low consumption, good finish and high recycling rate.

The sandblasting level of garnet sand is very high. It can penetrate into the holes and uneven parts to completely remove the oxide layer. The sand-blasted surface has no insert, no adverse convex point and pits.

Garnet sand surface roughness can reach 45-55,50-75 microns. After sandblasting, the surface roughness is moderate which can effectively reinforce the adhesion between coatings and substrate.

It can meet the strictest requirements of industry and military technology.

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