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The Secret Of High Strong Waterjet Cutting Pressure

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When it comes to cutting materials, nothing beats a waterjet. The sophisticated design of a waterjet makes it the ideal machine for precise cutting and shaping, especially when you need to cut through difficult-to-cut metal alloys.

Waterjets have the ability to generate tremendous amounts of force and can cut through the material by spraying it with a speed of approximately 2,500 feet per second (760 meters per second).

The abrasive waterjet is 1000 times stronger than a pure waterjet. Its strength comes from the inclusion of abrasive material such as garnet which helps to quickly cut through tough materials. A garnet abrasive waterjet can cut through 0.030 inch thick plastic and 10 inch thick stainless steel. It uses a high-pressure jet of water that can range from (200-400 MPA).

SEPPE garnet for waterjet cutting is extracted from almandine, so it is more angular in form and more efficient in cutting. Mixed with very high pressure water, garnet is used to cut steel and other materials in waterjets.

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