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The Use Of SEPPE Brown Corundum

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Coated abrasives abrasive P special corundum sand

  Brown had high hardness, toughness, sharp grinding strength, good chemical stability. Is an important raw material of abrasive, abrasive, sandpaper, waterproof sandpaper, sand disk, soft belt, hand pull sandpaper, flap wheel, one hundred sheets, emery cloth roll, coated abrasives products industry. Brown corundum coated abrasives (P sand) with advanced production technology, the size and shape of the sword shaped, bulk density of small, with sharp strong; the purification technology advanced, product high cleanliness, high stability. The company production of hard Y brand brown corundum coated abrasives, quality strictly in accordance with national standards, and can be produced according to customer requirements

F sand for brown corundum abrasive used for consolidation abrasive tools

SEPPE produced brown corundum with high hardness, high strength, high temperature resistance, high packing density, uniform particles, no dust, high grinding efficiency and stable chemical performance.It is used for cutting sheet, grinding sheet, special grinding wheel, grinding stone, grinding head, sand tile, ceramic abrasive tool, resin abrasive tool, rubber abrasive tool and other important raw materials of consolidated abrasive tool products.Seppe brown corundum granule is produced in strict accordance with national standards and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Brown corundum powder (W Series)

  SEPPE company production of brown corundum powder series products in strict accordance with the national standard production, the product has high purity, toughness, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability, good cleanliness, characteristics of uniform particles, high grinding efficiency, strong physical stability, widely used in refractories, fine grinding materials, pipe coating, wet, drysandblasting, polishing to beautify the production processing, polishing wax, polishing paste surface.

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