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The Waterjet Application Of SEPPE Garnet

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Garnet is a material that holds its own in the water jet cutting and blast cleaning sectors. It is popularity in these markets. The garnet is considered to be eco-friendly as it can be recycled plus it offers low material consumption rate, purity, and high productivity rates In addition, garnet produces much less dust than other abrasive materials, and spills are relatively benign and easy to clean up.
Garnet is well suited for abrasive blasting,petrochemical industry, building industry etc. Waterjet cutting is more prevalent in North America and Europe. Garnet is injected in a stream of high velocity of water to cut marbles, granites and high strength steel.

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Garnet today totally dominates the water jet cutting market, with 99% or more of the market. The majority of industrial Garnet is used as a loose grain abrasive or as a sand blasting medium. The finer sizes of Garnet grains are used in the water cutting technology market. The coarse sizes of lower quality industrial Garnet are used as a filtration medium in water purification systems.

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