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The Welding Flux And Calcined Bauxite

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High alumina bauxite is one of the main raw materials in the welding flux industry. SEPPE bauxite undergoes fixed point beneficiation, strict sorting, high-temperature calcination, and low-temperature discharge to ensure the refractory and toughness of the product. Before processing, bauxite is strictly controlled to remove impurities and impurities, giving the product the advantages of high alumina content and low S and P content.

During welding, the ends of the two workpieces to be welded shall be fixed in the casting mold in advance, and then the mixture of aluminum powder and iron oxide powder shall be heated in the crucible to make it undergo reduction exothermic reaction, become liquid metal (iron) and slag (mainly AL2O3), and be injected into the casting mold. At the gap where liquid metal flows into the joint, weld metal is formed, and slag floats on the surface, providing protection and metallurgical physicochemical effects on the molten metal.

In order to adjust the melt temperature and the chemical composition of the weld metal, people often add an appropriate amount of additives and alloys to the thermite. Aluminum thermal welding is currently commonly used for welding steel rails, steel bars, and other large cross-section workpieces.


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