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The standards of garnet sand for waterjet cutting and sandblasting

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Grain size of garnet abrasive

There are coarse, medium and fine grains in the grain size of garnet abrasive. Practice has proved that the grinding capacity of the grinding powder after centrifugal separation will be 20% higher than that before separation. Fine particles play a very small role in grinding. The particle size is not only bad for the quality of the grinding workpiece, but also reduces the grinding efficiency. Therefore, in terms of efficiency and work quality of sand blasting and water cutting, it is required that the grains of garnet sand be uniform.

Hardness of garnet abrasive

The hardness of abrasive refers to the ability of abrasive surface to resist local external action. Water cutting is realized by using the hardness difference between the abrasive and the workpiece to be grinded. The higher the hardness of garnet abrasive, the stronger its cutting ability.

Strength of garnet abrasive

The strength of garnet abrasive refers to the firmness of garnet itself. That is, when the edges and corners of garnet sand are quite sharp, it can withstand the external pressure without being broken. Garnet with poor strength is characterized by fast grinding, low cutting ability and short service life. This requires that garnet not only has high hardness, but also has enough strength to better carry out grinding.

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