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This Is A Brief Introduction About Mullite Powder

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Mullite rarely occurs as a mineral in nature. In fact, the word mullite is derived from the Isle of Mull off the English coast, where the only naturally occurring deposits of mullite have ever been found. Naturally occurring mullite is so rare because it is the result of extremely high temperatures that have come into contact with alumino-silicate minerals of just the right type.

A synthetic, fused (or calcined), crystalline aluminum silicate produced in electric arc furnaces from calcined or Bayer process alumina and silica. It has short prismatic crystals. It has low porosity, high resistance to slag attack, good stability in ceramic bonds, excellent volume stability and low shrinkage. It is also available as a spray-dried, sintered, or hollow microsphere product.


Aluminosilcate, Mullite powder, Aluminum oxide silicate, Porcelainite, Aluminum(III) silicate (2:1), Cyanite, Disthene, Kaopolite, Kyanite, Kyanite, Al2O(SiO4, Mullite, Silicic acid aluminum salt, Valfor, CAS# 1302-76-7


Sintered pieces, targets, granules and various powder granulations.

Typical Applications

Refractory applications like the lining of furnaces, electrode parts, kiln furniture, bricks for the glass industry, molding material for investment and precision casting. Ceramic applications include spark plugs.

Color: white

Bulk Density (lbs./ft3): 2.64- 2.88

Melting Point (°C): 1810- 1880

Softening Point (°C): 1650

Specific Surface Area:

Thermal Conductivity (BTU/Hr./-Sq.Ft/In) : 8.5

Mohs Hardness @20°C: 7- 8

Specific Heat (cgs): 0.175

True Specific Gravity: 3.15

Coefficient of Expansion (deg.C): 20-1320

Optic Sign (2V) (deg. C): + 45-50

Apparent Porosity (%): 3.0- 3.9

Refractoriness (deg. C): 1900

Principal refractive Index: 1.654

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