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Typical Application Of Cenosphere

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1.The spherical shape of cenospheres creates a low surface area tovolume ratio, which requires less resin, binder and water to wetout the surface. This property makes it a demandable filler to poly-mers and various polymeric composites such as: polyurethanecomposites; polyester composites; functionally gradientmaterials; syntactic polymer foam; high impact strengthnylon composite.

2.This cenosphere is highly used in oil drilling, paints, fillers industries etc. Our products are used in oil field cementing to decrease the slurry density.Like sphered products, the properties of these are same. Therefore, this is also known as Glass Beads, Hollow Ceramic Sphere or Microspheres owing to the unique combination of spherical shtimgape, low specific gravity, controlled size, high compression.

3.The shells of cenospheres are made primarily of alumino-silicate phases, that are thermally stable and can be used to makehigh temperature resistant aluminum syntactic foam, with a highenergy absorption, damping properties suitable for making auto-motive brake rotors and differential covers.

4.Cenospheres primarily used to reduce the weight of Plastics, Rubbers, Resins, cements and extensively as filler lubricants in oil drilling operations under high heat and high stress conditions down the hole. Also used as oil well cementing, mud putty and similar applications.

5.Cenospheres were first used in the United states as an extender for plastic compounds , as they are compatible with plastisols thermoplastics, Latex.

6.Furthermore, by coating cenospheres withcopper and incorporation in organic polymers, it is possible tochange the polymers electric properties from an isolator to a con-ductive material.

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