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Uses of Brown Fused Alumina(three)

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Brown corundum has the characteristics of high purity, good fluidity, low linear expansion coefficient and corrosion resistance. Proved by practice, it has the performance of non-explosion, non-chalking and non-cracking in the application process.

Brown corundum wear-resistant floor: After checking the original cement mortar floor and confirming that it meets the technical requirements, add water to the wear-resistant material with a mixer and mix it evenly to pave and level the ground; perform preliminary sanding when the wear-resistant material starts to condense. After the wear-resistant material is completely dried, polish it. After the construction is completed, sprinkle water for maintenance. After the maintenance period is completed, use a special machine for grinding and polishing, and use floor wax for waxing treatment.

Why use brown corundum?

1. Hardness: Due to the high hardness of brown corundum, its wear resistance is very good. At this time, as long as the crystal size of brown corundum is controlled, it will not break easily under pressure, and the compression resistance is very good.

2. Large bulk density: The bulk density of brown corundum is very large. If the crystal breaks under heavy pressure, the shrinkage space is also very small, and the runway will not collapse. 

3. High purity: Unlike some metal aggregates, the main component of brown corundum is alumina, which has very stable chemical properties. After treatment, it will not cause rust spots and other stains to pollute the road surface when applied to the runway.

The brown corundum wear-resistant floor is resistant to heavy pressure, has strong abrasion resistance, does not dust, enhances the oil resistance of the ground, resists penetration, and is easy to clean and hygienic. Construction can begin just after the concrete has solidified. The construction period is generally longer, but the use effect is better.

Brown corundum wear-resistant floor is mainly used in heavy friction, easy to damage, high impact venues. Such as: large machine tool workshops, machinery and equipment heavy press workshops, warehouses, docks, parking apron, highways, military enterprises, etc.

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