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Uses of Brown Fused Alumina(two)

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The brown corundum sandpaper made of different abrasive materials is mainly used to grind the surface of metal, wood and other materials. The brown corundum sandpaper made of these brown corundum abrasives can make the material smooth.


Dry abrasive paper

Dry sanding paper uses synthetic resin as a binder to bond brown corundum abrasive to latex, and is coated with an antistatic coating to make high-quality brown corundum sandpaper products. It has anti-clogging, anti-static, good softness, It has the advantages of high wear resistance, multiple fineness options, high grinding efficiency, and resistance to chip sticking. It is suitable for dry or rough grinding in furniture, decoration and other industries.


Water abrasive paper

There are two types of brown corundum sandpaper in shape and roll shape. The sandpaper can be divided into brown corundum sandpaper, white corundum sandpaper, silicon carbide sandpaper, zirconium corundum sandpaper, emery sandpaper and so on.


Brown corundum water abrasive paper has a finer texture. It is suitable for polishing some finer textures and for post-processing. The gap between the grit grains of brown corundum water abrasive paper is smaller, so the grinding powder is also smaller. When used with water, the powder will flow out with the water, so use the brown corundum water abrasive paper with water. If the brown corundum water abrasive paper is used for dry grinding, the powder will stay in the gap between the sand grains to lighten the surface of the sandpaper. Less than its original effect.


Because the brown corundum water-resistant sandpaper uses varnish as the binder, the drying time is longer. The drying method of brown corundum sandpaper generally adopts hanging drying.


Water-resistant sandpaper generally has a finer particle size, and the particle size of brown corundum water-resistant sandpaper starts from P80.


Water-resistant sandpaper in brown corundum sandpaper is generally sanded under water-containing conditions, so brown corundum has less dust.

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