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Various Fused Alumina Brief Introduction

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Corundum has many colors as it contains different pigment particles. 

According to the color of corundum, it can be divided into Brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, black fused alumina, etc. They are all belong to artificial abrasives and widely used for abrasive industry.

Brown fused alumina appearance is brown, it’s main chemical composition is A12O3 with about 95%. It has the characteristic of high hardness, toughness, sharp grain and the price is quite cheap. It is suitable for grinding high tensile strength metal, generally can be replaced by it in the case of lack of other abrasives. It’s widely used in the coarse grinding of ordinary steel, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, commonly can be used for calcined cast iron, hard bronze, etc. Brown fused alumina also can be used for grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel cutting, sand tile, abrasive cloth, abrasive paper and so on.

The hardness of white fused alumina(white corundum) is slightly higher than brown fused alumina, but it’s toughness is a bit poor as easily to cut into workpieces when grinding. The price of white fused alumina is higher than that of brown fused alumina since good sharpness,less heat, strong capability of grinding. Suitable for grinding high hardness of steel, such as high speed steel, high carbon steel, hardened steel, alloy steel, etc.

The smelting method of black fused alumina is the same as the brown fused alumina. It is made of bauxite as raw material and a small amount of reducing agent in the process of smelting. It’s power consumption is about two-thirds of the brown fused alumina.It belongs to the derived varieties of brown fused alumina with black color. Black fused alumina has relatively low hardness but good toughness as it’s low content of Al2O and have a certain amount of Fe2O3 (about10%). It can be used for grinding, such as polishing or coarse grinding before products electroplating, also used for producing coated abrasive tools, resin cutting disc, polishing block, etc.


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