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What Influence Anti-Skid Effect?

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The anti-skid performance of ordinary pavement is high when it is just paved, but after certain months the surface will become smoother and the anti-skid performance will be greatly reduced.

It is true. Fortunately, there has a solution. If the materials of anti-skid road contain high-alumina aggregate to the surface, so as long as the aggregate is not damaged, it will not lose its anti-skid performance, that is, the road cannot be polished and slippery. 


Also it is often required to paint a layer made of abrasive materials in the bottom for making safety sure. Therefore, the layer with high aluminum aggregate is nice at anti-skid performance.

SEEPE bauxite products are widely used in anti-skid treatment. High quality. High aluminum 88% above.(Which means abrasive grade that make anti-skid performance sured). Products are manufactured by our customer needs.

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