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What Is Calcined Bauxite Aggregate?

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It is high alumina sand, or high alumina aggregate, refers to the sintered bauxite aggregate, which is a kind of refractory aggregate, it is also called calcined bauxite aggregate, or calcined bauxite. So it is an artificial aggregate with higher strength and hardness than natural bauxite. It is an indispensable material in making refractory castable. Mixed with high alumina cement, powder according to a certain of proportion, high alumina aggregates can be made into refractory concrete with high strength. As the raw material of refractory, high alumina aggregate is made through a series of manufacturing process with the high amount of Al2O3, it possesses with high temperature and strong strength. People buy bauxite aggregate mainly used in the mortar or refractory concrete with high strength and high wear resistanBauxite Aggregatesce.

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