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What Is The Refractory Industry

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Refractory materials are the basic materials for high-temperature industrial kilns and facilities. They are mainly used in the fields of refractory insulation and thermal insulation of kiln linings and facilities in metallurgy, petrochemical, non-ferrous metals, building materials, machinery manufacturing, ceramics and other industries.

The upstream of the refractory industry is the refractory raw material manufacturing industry, which mainly includes the mining, smelting and processing of inorganic non-metallic mineral raw materials such as bauxite and magnesite, and the manufacturing of chemical raw materials such as silica sol. The middle reaches are all kinds of refractory materials and their products, and the lower reaches are high-temperature industries, mainly including steel industry, building materials industry, nonferrous metal industry, chemical industry, environmental protection, military industry and other fields. The steel industry is the most important user of refractories, and the demand for refractories in the steel industry can roughly reflect the overall market scale of refractories.

On the other hand, with regard to the development prospect of the refractory industry, the speed of technological innovation in the high-temperature industry is also accelerating, prompting the refractory industry to face greater market opportunities; The market pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection has opened up a green channel for the development of refractory materials, with broad market prospects.

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