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What are the differences of abrasives types and their characteristics?

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Brown Aluminum Oxide – Aluminum Oxide is brown or reddish in color and a man-made abrasive. It is durable with tough cutting edges. It offers long life and is highly wear resistant even under stress applications. Its applications include aluminum, ferrous metals (including alloy steel), hardwood, and leather.

White Aluminum Oxide – White Aluminum Oxide is a friable man-made abrasive. Its sharp, cool cutting edges easily break down under pressure to expose new cutting edges. Its applications include non-ferrous metal finishing and production wood sanding.

Emery – Emery is a dark gray round-shaped natural grain. It is better used as a polishing grain than a cutting grain. It is used for cleaning and polishing metals.

Garnet – Garnet is a reddish brown natural grain. It is relatively sharp and has a medium hardness. Its durability cannot be compared to that of synthetic abrasives. It is used for finishing applications in soft woods such as fir or pine.

Silicon Carbide – Silicon Carbide is black in color. It is a sharp, hard synthetic abrasive. Its friable grains fracture to continually expose new cutting edges and permit fast stock removal. Its applications include aluminum, bronze, non-ferrous metals, and non-metallics such as glass, plastic, rubber and soft woods.

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