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What is Water Jet Cutting?

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Water-jet cutting, also known as water cutting, namely high pressure water jet cutting technology. Water-jet cutting is a generic term used to describe equipment that uses a high pressure stream of water for cutting or cleaning purposes. It uses the supercharger to pressure water up to 10Mpa even more higher pressure and then shot out of from small nozzle. This pressure will be converted to kinetic energy and forming a high speed jetting.Cutting uses the damage effect of high-speed jet kinetic energy on parts to achieve the goal of cutting and shaping.Water-jet usually used in abrasive cutting of quartz sand, garnet, river sand, corundum, etc. The particle size of abrasives usually is 40-70 mesh, the higher the hardness of the abrasive grain size, the greater the cutting ability is stronger. As its low cost, easy to operate and higher rate of good products, the water-jetting cutting technique is becoming the mainstream of industrial cutting technology.

Water-jet cutting characteristics:

1.A cold cutting, will not produce thermal deformation or thermal effect. 

2.Environmental protection, no pollution, will not produce poisonous gas and dust.

3.Processing all kinds of high hardness materials, such as: glass, pottery and porcelain, stainless steel, etc., or relatively soft material, such as leather, rubber, paper diaper, etc.

4.The only way of complex processing of the composite material, ceramic material.

5.No secondary processing as its incision smooth, without slag.

6.A complete work of drilling, cutting, forming.

7.The low cost of production; The high degree of automation; Working continuously for 24-hour.


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