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What is Water Jet Cutting?

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There are two options to the process of waterjet cutting.


Pure Water

Pressurise water to 60,000 psi (3,600 bar) then project it through an orifice. This creates a significant amount of energy concentrated in a narrow jet of water, travelling at close to the speed of sound. The result is an extremely powerful and a precise ‘Pure Water’ cutting tool.

Abrasive Cutting

The 'Abrasive' system uses the same methods as 'Pure Water'. However, the addition of an abrasive garnet mixed into the stream increases the cutting force significantly. When the high-velocity water exits the orifice it creates a vacuum within the mixing chamber. The vacuum pulls abrasive from the abrasive line into the chamber where it is mixed with the water jet stream. The resulting mixture is then realigned in a focusing tube before exiting the cutting head nozzle. At this point the accelerated abrasive particles are now travelling at speeds fast enough to cut through the hardest of materials, all this is achieved by a water jet that is little more than 0.8mm in diameter.

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