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What is ceramic proppant ?

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Fracturing proppant is made of high-quality bauxite and other raw materials and sintered with ceramics. 

It is widely used in fracturing of deep Wells and high-pressure oil and gas zones. 

Ceramic proppants have the advantages of high compressive strength, low density, good sphericity, and strong conductivity.

Oil fracturing ceramic proppant is a solid particle used to prop up the fracture to prevent the fracture from re-closing after the formation has opened the fracture. 

Therefore, most of the radial flow in the formation is eliminated, and the formation fluid enters the fracture in a linear flow mode. 

It is an important part of hydraulic fracturing, and its quality directly affects the conductivity of fracturing and the length of validity period, which in turn affects the effects of fracturing stimulation and injection stimulation measures.

The stimulation effect and production performance of oil and gas wells after fracturing depend on the conductivity of fractures.

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