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What is the biggest difference between brown corundum dumping furnace and fixed furnace

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The difference between the two literally means that the smelting method used is different.

But the biggest difference from the product is that the SiO2 content in the fixed furnace brown corundum is greater than 1%

The SiO2 content of brown corundum produced by the dumping furnace is less than 1%

This is the most direct way to distinguish between the two furnaces.

At the same price, the dumping furnace is basically higher than the fixed furnace.

The smelting methods of brown corundum can be divided into frit method, dumping method and exile method.

The frit method has intermittent production, low degree of mechanization, low thermal energy utilization rate, high unit power consumption, and lack of material. The furnace must be repaired before each smelting, but the investment is small, the equipment is simple, and the operation is simple. It is currently the main method of smelting corundum in small abrasive plants.

The dumping method can produce continuous production, has a high degree of mechanization, reasonable thermal energy efficiency, low unit power consumption, no waste material, no need to repair the furnace every time, high production efficiency, but large investment. It is currently the most commonly used corundum smelting method.

The exile method is also a continuous production, with a high degree of automation, and has other advantages of the dumping method. However, the investment is large and the equipment is complicated, so it has not been put into application in a large area.

Comparison of technical indicators between dumping method and frit method

Process method

Electric arc furnace capacity

Unit power consumption/(KW·h/t)

Hourly output/(kg/h)

Unit material consumption/(t/t)

Dumping method





Frit method





In addition to the above differences, there are also differences in the quality of corundum products.

The dumping method and the exile method produce more corundum crystal aggregates and smaller crystal sizes. Because glassy and titanium minerals are distributed on the grain boundary, the self-sharpening property is greater than that of the frit method.

However, the corundum produced by the frit method has more single crystals, the crystal size is larger, and the abrasive strength and hardness are higher.

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