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White&Brown Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel Of SEPPE

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Brown Aluminum Oxide is also called Brown Fused Alumina, Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide or Brown Corundum. White Aluminum Oxide is also called White Fused Alumina, White Fused Aluminium Oxide or White Corundum. They are two important types of corundum grinding wheels made of Aluminum Oxide. Grinding wheels made of Brown Aluminum Oxide is hard, tough, dense, abrasion resistant and durable for various abrasive purposes. Grinding wheels made of White Aluminum Oxide is also hard and tough abrasive tool, while more fragile.


Brown Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel is a type of abrasives tool made of shaping, drying and calcinations of mixture of abrasives grains, filler and bonded materials. The bonded materials can be resin or ceramic or other materials. And shape can be wheel, flap or other forms. Brown Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel is the most important and most widely used abrasives tool. While being used, it is driven by high speed motor for general abrasives, precision abrasives, cutting and lapping on outer side, inner side, surfaces and other sides and locations of metal and non-metal work pieces.


Production of Brown Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel

As the most widely used abrasives tool, Brown Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel has various types and models because of the abrasive grains used, bonding materials used, fillers used, and also different forms, shapes, structures, sizes hardness etc. But the general production process include mixture of abrasives grains, fillers and bonded materials. The mixed materials are then formed/shaped into different forms, shapes and sizes in modules. Then dried by relevant equipments and then calcined under high temperature. Vitrified/Ceramic Bonded Grinding Wheels is produced under much higher temperature than Resin Bonded Grinding Wheels. The temperature is so high that the mixed materials will react chemically to certain level. This is why the content of Silicon Oxide(SiO2) in Brown Aluminum Oxide is very important for making of vitrified/ceramic bonded grinding wheels. Under such temperature, SiO2 is easy to react and cause crack, corrosion and pots on surface of grinding wheels. But for resin bonded grinding wheels, content of SiO2 in Brown Aluminum Oxide has minor effects on its quality and performance.


Characters of grinding wheels include grinding media, grit size of the grinding media, hardness, bonding material, structure type, forms/shapes, size and running speed etc. Hardness of grinding wheel refers to the level how the grinding media is easy to fall during operation.


Standard and Safety on Brown Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel

Grinding wheels should be checked before installation, easily by knocking softly on surface of it. If it makes crispy sound, usually it is OK. Or can be checked by qualified technician. And position for fitting the grinding wheel is also important. All parts and relevant equipments should be well placed when replacing grinding wheel. Brown Aluminum Oxide grinding wheels should be replaced by new ones when it is not suitable for use. Because it involves high temperature and fire during operation, the user should be trained and qualified, and there should be no inflammable or explosive elements in the working condition.


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