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Why Alluvial River Garnet Effects Better than Rock Garnet?

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What is River Garnet?

River garnet is a type of garnet abrasive that has been deposited into rivers through natural weather processes. River garnet abrasive is cheaper than regular garnet abrasive because it is readily available and is easier to produce. Like sea garnet, river garnet is constantly exposed to natural elements especially flow of river water and therefore has typically smaller mesh sizes and more rounded edges. River garnet also has some impurities but depending on where it is sourced, it may have lower chloride and salt content than sea garnet.

Advantages of Using River Garnet:

  • Low Chloride levels
    Alluvial River Garnet is mined from a fresh water river bed. As a result, Alluvial River Garnet is not exposed to chloride contamination like Alluvial Beach Garnets. The extremely low chloride levels of Alluvial River Garnet reduces the chance of chloride contamination versus other Alluvial Beach Garnets available on the market.

  • Recyclability
    The low friability of Alluvial River Garnet produces lower dust levels and allows it to be recycled up to five times. Recycling Alluvial River Garnet increases profitability by reducing abrasive consumption, shipping, clean-up, and disposal costs.

  • Increased Production
    Alluvial River Garnet’s sub-angular shape, hardness, and bulk density provides fast cutting ability, significantly increasing the amount of square feet per hour that can be blasted. This increase in production will lower your labor hours and expedite blasting.


  • Blast rooms, Blast yards

  • Bridges, offshore platforms, oil refineries

  • Pipelines

  • Rail-car shops, Shipyards

  • Storage tanks, Water towers

  • Water-jet cutting

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