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Why Calcined Bauxite Used in Anti-Skid Road ?

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The principle of anti-skid is to make use of the roughness and friction surface of objects, which can also be said to make use of the intermolecular friction of materials. For reducing the occurrence of slippage, the friction level of the materials should be as same as abrasive grade.

It is also widely used in highway construction. Because aluminum with sound absorption performance showing good sound insulation effect. It can reduce the noise caused by high-speed driving when it is used in the anti-skid section of expressway. 

Also as the main material of anti-skid road, ceramic sand contain bauxite, which improves the wear resistance of road and makes the anti-skid effect better. Which means the higher content of alumina in anti-skid road, the more assurance for road safety. So you are suggested to choose the regular supplier.

SEEPE calcined bauxite products are widely used in anti-skid treatment. High quality. Products are manufactured by our customer needs. 

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