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Why Choose High Alumina Refractory Materials for Firebricks?

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The reason why high-alumina raw materials is selected to produce refractory bricks is that its high resistance to temperature increases with the elevation of Al2O3 content.

With the decrease of impurity content in raw materials, fire resistance is improved. At the same time, if the aluminum content of raw materials is increased, the density of refractory bricks will increase, the porosity will decrease, and its refractoriness will heighten.

Bauxite products are mainly used for high-alumina refractory bricks. Our bauxite products have high aluminum content and belong to refractory grade materials. 

SEPPE bauxite products are of excellent quality. It can play a good role as high-temperature building materials for building kilns and various thermal equipment . Customized different particle size according to different customer needs.


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