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Why Do Most Waterjet Machines Use Garnet as an Abrasive?

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Abrasives make up one of the most important components in the waterjet cutting process. While a pure waterjet (without abrasives) can cut softer materials like foam and rubber, adding an abrasive substance enhances the jet’s cutting capability — to the point where you can cut glass, steel, and a variety of other components. As you might imagine, the type of abrasive used is extremely important in determining the machining outcome.

Professionals have tested various synthetic and natural materials for use in waterjet cutting, and the prominent choice for the industry is garnet. A garnet abrasive offers a reliable and rigid substance that forms sharp edges when fractured — providing superior cutting ability. Garnet offers the correct combination of durability, density, and particle shape to maximize the cutting capabilities of most common waterjets. On top of that, garnet is also mostly chemically inert — meaning it won’t react poorly with materials you’re cutting.

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