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Why Does High-voltage Electromagnetic Require The Use Of Bauxite

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Alumina bauxite is a mixture of alumina and silicate. Alumina has the characteristics of high melting point, high temperature resistance, high insulation, and high strength, and is widely used in high-voltage electromagnetic equipment.

In high-voltage electromagnetic equipment, the main function of calcined bauxite is as an insulating material. It can effectively isolate current, prevent current leakage in the circuit, and shorten circuit life. Alumina can also absorb electromagnetic waves and resist the intervention of ferromagnetic substances, thereby improving the stability and reliability of circuits.

In addition, calcined bauxite also has strong thermal stability performance. High voltage electromagnetic equipment generates a large amount of thermal energy during operation. If the materials used cannot withstand high temperatures, it will lead to a decrease in equipment performance or failure. And calcined bauxite has excellent thermal stability, can withstand high temperatures, and is not easy to deform, melt, or crack.

In summary, SEPPE calcined bauxite is a widely used high-performance material commonly used in the manufacturing of high-voltage electromagnetic equipment. It not only has good insulation and thermal stability performance, but also improves the stability and reliability of the circuit. In the future, with the continuous development of high-voltage electromagnetic technology, the application of high alumina calcined bauxite in the field of electrical equipment will become increasingly widespread.

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