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Why Garnet Remains a Top Pick for Sandblasting Professionals

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  Garnet is indeed among the most popular gemstones known today, with its beauty and durability. However, its uses extend outside of the jewellery industry — all the way to the surface preparation field.

  Regardless of the type of project you have, as long as it requires optimal surface preparation, know that this gemstone is a good abrasive blasting media. Here are just a few of its properties that make it a better choice over other types of abrasives.

1. Hardness rating that effectively smoothens out flawed surfaces

Registering between 6.5 and 7.5 at the Mohs Scale hardness rating, garnet’s hardness makes it an optimal abrasive. Its durability, combined with the pressure and force of quality sandblasting machines, allow for the smooth and seamless removal of flaws on imperfect surfaces. These characteristics also give it the ability to eliminate corrosion on various types of surfaces.

In surface coating preparation, the use of garnet as an abrasive helps in the effective and efficient cleaning of substrates. This is an important step in preparing surfaces. Clean and pure surfaces give protective coatings and finishes a much better hold or adhesive power.

2. The economic advantages

There are many reasons abrasive blasting remains a preferred option for surface coating preparation. In addition to cost-efficiency, the different blasting procedures also typically take a shorter time to complete, while they also quickly remove imperfections, such as rust and corrosion.

However, garnet is among the abrasives that produce the best results in abrasive blasting methodologies.

3. Better results, greater productivity

By utilising garnet sandblasting for your home improvement projects, you can expect a higher return on investment, thanks to the optimal results and benefits it brings. Additionally, because it takes less time to prepare surfaces, whether during cleaning or removal of irregularities, your workers can carry out more tasks and finish more projects faster.

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